Wise fusion

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First goal:

a healthy rest!


Nature does not do anything useless!


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First goal: a healthy rest.

We started our business in 1978 with the aim of creating high quality bed components, which guaranteed the end user a healthy and restorative sleep. Over the years we have been able to achieve the initial objective by specializing in the rest sector, through multiple production and commercial experiences, directed to research and improvement of products and proposing innovative and effective products combined with a dynamic, often personalized, offer. satisfy many requests of the Italian and European market. Today we can present ourselves fully as a qualified partner for door-to-door sales and retail stores, boasting skilled staff in all stages of processing and accurate craftsmanship finishing.

Within our production units we have high technology systems, we use certified raw materials suppliers and we use national and international patents and licenses. This success must be shared with our historical staff who over the years has been able to grow with the company, adapting to technical innovations and commercial strategies, but also with those who, having joined it later, have integrated perfectly and in many cases they have constituted an added value. The leadership of our company, however, we owe it to those who have succeeded in this success and are its beneficiaries: the thousands of satisfied customers who choose each year to sleep “together” with our products. Our wish: happy but above all healthy dreams.

Our wish: happy but above all healthy dreams.

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A bit of us:

Over the years we have managed to reach the initial goal
specializing in the rest sector, through multiple production and commercial experiences, aimed at researching and improving products and proposing innovative articles….

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